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Christian Slater Hit with $20 Million Lawsuit by Father for Defamation of Character & Slander

Popular Celeb - Christian Slater Sued by Father for $20 million

Only in Hollywood would a father sue his son for $20 million and that’s exactly what has happened to actor Christian Slater. Slater is being sued by his father who claims the ‘Pump Up the Volume’ star defamed him.

In legal documents obtained by ET, Thomas Knight Slater – who goes by the name Michael Hawkins – cited an interview where Slater “described his father as suffering from manic-depressive schizophrenia.”

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, cites a December 2015 issue of the National Enquirer as the source of Slater’s comments. It appears the Enquirer article sourced an interview from earlier that year, when the Mr. Robot star had a candid sit-down with Interview magazine and opened up about his father’s mental health, as well as their late-in-life reconciliation.

“My father was an actor and my mother was his agent, so I had it on both sides, the crazy actor and his representation,” Slater said in the July interview, recounting his exposure to the film industry at an early age.

Slater went on to say that his hadn’t seen his father “in a few years,” explaining, “He’s a manic-depressive schizophrenic. He’s always had trouble—he was a fantastic actor and extraordinarily charismatic and very, very good looking, but he had a really difficult time working with directors, collaborating with people. And that made his life very challenging.”

According to the suit filed by Hawkins, those comments “ruined his career in the stage, motion picture, and television industry, which he has never recovered from.”

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