Bill Cosby Heckled at Canada Show

Protesters held ‘Rape is no Joke’ signs outside Bill Cosby show.

Angry hecklers in Kitchener, Canada appear outside Bill Cosby’s first show since November to demonstrate their disgust with the comedian accused of sexual assault by 15 separate women. The demonstrators endured freezing temperatures to hold up various signs, such as “rape is no joke,” and chant “you support rape,” “shame on you,” and so on.

Cosby Protesters Grow in Numbers

“I think they should have closed down the venue and just said, you know what, this is not good for our city [Kitchener],” said protestor Stella Goertzen. “I’m against violence against women.”

When Cosby took the stage, he opened by thanking the crowd for coming despite the weather; but perhaps more so, for appearing after so many shows were cancelled in light of the recent allegations against him. The Associated Press reports there were no disruptions by the audience who paid to see the show.

Bill Cosby’s Latest Rape Victims

In recent months the Hollywood icon and star of the 1980’s hit NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women over the past several decades.

Just earlier in the week three of the women filed a defamation lawsuit against the 71-year-old Cosby, after he publicly referred to the women as liars.

On Wednesday activists organized an event called Voices Carry, in effort to raise money for local women’s crisis and sexual assault center, that was so large it had to be moved to a more accommodating location.

After the show at Centre In The Square, Cosby told reporters that he had a “wonderful time” and it appeared that the fans enjoyed the show; even giving the comedian a stand-up ovation. Similar reports were given after Cosby’s November 21 performance in Melbourne, Florida.

Cosby’s Statement to Fans

“Dear Fans: I would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring laughter back into your lives tonight. Also, I would like to applaud all of you and give you a standing ovation for respecting yourselves, the theater and the event organizers that produced a spectacular show for the Kitchener Community,” Cosby’s publicist said in a statement shortly after his Kitchener show.

There were approximately 700 empty seats, which wasn’t too much of a surprise to organizers, as many ticket-holders stated they would be boycotting the show.

“I’m skeptical of all the accusations,” said Gerald Reinink. “I always loved Cosby, good family humor. Why are 20 women coming out now when it’s 20, 30 years ago?”

Another patron, Dan Emerson, told reporters that he was grateful that there weren’t any hecklers inside. “Innocent until proven guilty. I’m hoping it’s not true and until I know otherwise I love him to death,” said Emerson.

Cosby has several other shows lined up during his tour, including Budweiser Gardens in London on Thursday and at the Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton on Friday.

UPDATE: January 10, 2015
Cosby Called “Arrogant Piece of Shit”

TMZ reports that Cosby’s hecklers grew in number at Friday night’s Ontario show and that the performer was prepared for trouble, even requesting the audience members who came to see his show stay calm.

The show is Cosby’s last stop on his Canadian tour and there were an estimated 30 people chanting in protest of the accused rapist.

“Arrogant piece of shit” and “We believe the women” were among the chants by angry protestors.

As security escorted the hecklers from the building, one ticket holder’s show of support for Cosby brought cheers from the audience.

Video: Bill Cosby Addresses Fans While Verbally Attacked by Hecklers in Ontario

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