Eddie Murphy Releases Latest Reggae Song Oh Jah Jah

Eddie Murphy releases latest reggae song ‘Oh Jah Jah’ on iTunes.

Eddie Murphy releases his latest reggae song “Oh Jah Jah” and discusses the track with Rolling Stone. This news doesn’t come as a surprise to the fans of the Beverly Hills Cop star’s music, because he released another song, “Red Light,” of the same genre back in 2013 that featured hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion).

Murphy’s newest track is set for release on iTunes January 27 via VP Records, Caribbean music distribution specialists.

Listen: Eddie Murphy “Oh Jah Jah” Reggae Song

Shabb Ranks, the well known dancehall musician, collaborated with Murphy back in 1993 on his first reggae track, “I Was a King,” for the SNL’s “Kill the White People” skit.

Video: SNL’s “Kill the White People”

The actor, song-writer recently spoke about his new song’s backstory, his love for jazz music, and the highly anticipated Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie.

When asked about returning to music after 20 years, Murphy said he stopped releasing songs, but didn’t stop making music.

“I stopped putting music out 20 years ago. I’ve never stopped making music,” said Murphy. “I’ve always had a facility for recording at the house. I’ve stayed in the studio for years and years.”

The ex-SNL cast member defended his choice by saying that he didn’t want to be another actor trying to become a musician. He says he is driven by his love for writing songs, not the fame or money that may come with it.

“I’m not trying to get no paper, or get more famous off of this,” according to Murphy. “I just do it, and I love doing it.”

Does Eddie Murphy Have a Reggae Album?

When asked if he was working on producing a full album, Murphy said no. He told the reporter that he simply liked how “Red Light” came out and that he put it out for fans to enjoy. He says that he has numerous tracks, some reggae and R&B, and many of them he’s collaborated with other musicians on; however, he has no plans to make an album.

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