Marshall 'Eminem' Mathers Bullied

Eminem was bullied by a kid named DeAngelo Bailey when he was younger and even wrote a song calling out his bully named ‘Brain Damage’.

When Marshall Mathers III talks, people tend to listen, and when he is on stage, his presence commands respect. This makes it all the more incredible to learn that Eminem was the victim of horrendous bullying as a kid. When he was a student at Detroit’s Dort Elementary School, the then-9-year-old future star was beaten up regularly by a bully, with DeAngelo Bailey named as the main culprit.

Some of the physical attacks were so severe that he was knocked unconscious, and in one attack, he temporarily lost sight in one eye after being hit with a snowball containing a hard object. The bullying was such that his mother actually sued the school for a lack of protection, but the $10,000 lawsuit was ultimately dismissed on the grounds of governmental immunity.

Eminem named Bailey as his abuser in a song called Brain Damage, but Bailey responded by suing the rapper for violating his privacy. However, this lawsuit was also thrown out of court. Decades later, Eminem’s name is known worldwide, where he has millions of loyal fans. Yet he has not forgotten his troubled past and regularly speaks out about bullying, even as he has been accused of fueling anti-gay taunts because of seemingly homophobic lyrics in some of his songs.

Eminem’s ‘Brain Damage’ Track

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