Monica Potter Announces New TV Show

Fans aren’t happy to see ‘Parenthood’ go, but they’re ecstatic to hear Monica Potter has a new comedy coming soon to ABC!

Monica Potter has got her first official post-Parenthood part. Based on UPI, the performer (who has played with Kristina Braverman for the previous few years) will star in and produce a fresh new TV show that’ll air on NBC. Parenthood is coming to an end, which is devastating news for fans. Thursday is the show’s final episode.

The exciting news was affirmed by Monica on her Facebook page, where she lets fans understand what she is up to, when she’s not on television, and keeps in touch with them. The performer is also excited to be starting her ornament shop (in Cleveland), where she’ll sell some of her incredible handcrafted items to decorated candles. If you’re not in Ohio, you can take a look at the actress’ things on her site, Mrs. Potter.

Her character was among the very best and so many folks could relate to her, which is why she was the only actor to ever get nominated for an award. And it was not only the character, either. Individuals fell in love with the actress.

Monica Potter’s new show hasn’t yet been named (or at least that advice hasn’t yet been made public), and no air date was given.

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