Donna Douglas Dead at 81

Donna Douglas, best known for starring on ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ is dead at 81.

The stunning Donna Douglas, who is best known for her role as Elly May Clampet in CBS’ 1970s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, is dead.

Donna Douglas’ Death

The actress passed away at 81 due to pancreatic cancer complications. Donna’s niece, Charlene Smith, told The Associated Press that the Hollywood legend passed away in her Louisiana home on New Year’s Day.

Donna Douglas’ Biography

Donna was born in September 1933 in Zachary, Louisiana and in 1957 was a “Miss Baton Rouge” and named “Miss New Orleans” shortly thereafter. She then chased her dream of being in show business by moving to New York, where she got her first big break as the “Letters Girl” on NBC’s The Perry Como Show. Two years after that, Donna landed a similar gig; this time as the “Billboard Girl” on NBC’s The Steve Allen Show.

As a gorgeous, young Hollywood actress in the 1960s, Donna managed to land roles on leading shows, including Mr. Ed and The Twilight Zone. She also starred alongside the King of Rock and Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley, in Frankie and Johnny (1966).

When it came to playing the role of Elly May on The Beverly Hillbillies, she was just one of approximately 500 other actresses to audition for the part. Furthermore, she literally had to milk a goat as part of her audition prior to getting the gig.

“I had milked cows before,” she told The Associated Press in 2009. “I figured they were equipped the same, so I just went on over and did it.”

Donna was twice married, first in 1949 to Roland Bourgeous (until 1954) and then in 1971 to Robert Leeds (until 1980). Donna and Roland had a son together.

“The two things I am most asked is if I still love critters and can I still whistle like Elly May. The answer is yes to both,” Donna once said.

Donna Douglas’ Death Date

Donna was born on September 26, 1933 and she died on January 1, 2015 – she was 81 years old.

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